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Fountain City Lion's Club

Rental Rates and Times 

Thursday though Sunday

All day: $200 (8:00 AM to 10:00 PM)
Morning:$100 (8:00 AM to 3:00 PM)
Evening: $100 (4:00 PM to 10:00 PM)

Monday through Weds

All day $75

Notes.  Those who are accustomed to renting the building on an annual basis need to reserve their dates early in order to get their first choice.
              We have tables  (rectangular)  and chairs for about 90 people.
               Sorry, no kitchen privileges.

Unlocking and locking the building

After your payment has been processed, you willl receive  your number code to use with the keypad a few days before your rental date. The key to the building is locked behind the keypad on the right side of the door.
Enter your numbert code, press the "open" button (near the top), and take the keypad with the keyh  off the the wall.
When you are ready to leave, lock the door and position the keypad (with key) on the wall. 
The top of the keypad will not fit until you enter your code and push the "open" button.  
The keypad  (with key) will now be locked agagin.   If problems arise, press the "clear" button (in center) and  enter your number code again.

Rules and Regulations

A $100 deposit will be added to the above rental rates.

Deposit will be forfeited if cancellation is not made 14 days prior to rental date.

Deposit will be refunded when key is returned to box,  tables and chairs are returned to their proper place, all trash and garbage has been placed in outside dumpster, and the building has been satifactorily cleaned.

Absolutely no tape, tacks, or any type of adhersive on walls, pictures, windowsills, or celing

Alcoholic beverages, gambling, loud music or dancing are not permitted on premises.

Return tables and chairs to the format you found them.

Any lessee violating any of the above rules will be asked to leave the premises immediately, will be denied deposit return, and will not be allowed to rent the facilities in the future.

Any losses due to damage or theft will be charged to lessee.

Any associated attorney fees involved with any infraction of the above rules will be charged to lessee.

Loss Key $150

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